English Teacher | Job Description Template

An experienced English instructor is needed to join our talented group. Let’s talk if you love English and are skilled at imparting it with tact and patience. 

Your main objective will be to establish a positive learning atmosphere that will assist your pupils in achieving their academic objectives. You’ll instruct them in the crucial guidelines of English reading, writing, and speaking using engaging and exciting techniques. By keeping track of their assignment and exam grades, you’ll keep tabs on their progress and be able to provide them helpful feedback.

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Educational Qualifications

  • experience teaching English in the past
  • English Language or Literature BSc/BA; an MSc is preferred 

Skills Required for the job

  • understanding of different teaching techniques 
  • comprehension of the English language requirements and the national curriculum 
  • Excellent planning and communication abilities 
  • a temperament that is tolerant and strong 
  • commitment to education and students 

Job Responsibilities

  • Organize lectures and assignments in the classroom. 
  • assemble resources and activities 
  • Assign intriguing exercises and homework 
  • Create tailored plans for students that have specific needs. 
  • the grades for the test and the assignment 
  • Give feedback based on workload and student conduct in the classroom. 
  • Keep track of the attendance and grades of your pupils. 
  • study fresh approaches to teaching languages 
  • Organize crises in the classroom and settle disputes 
  • Give parents information about their kids’ performance. 
  • Work together with the administration and teaching personnel to promote a positive learning environment.

Company Offerings

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