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We’re seeking a capable Construction Foreman to manage construction sites and organize activities. You will be a vital person for the execution of a project as the point of reference for both workers and supervisors.

A construction foreman has extensive experience in the industry. Your ability to direct the work of others and make quick judgments is a result of your leadership abilities and significant experience. You must be well-organized and prioritize safety over all else.It will be advantageous if you have a PMP or comparable certification.

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Educational Qualifications

  • Demonstrated construction foremanship
  • A high school diploma or a skilled trades diploma (electrician, carpenter etc.)

Skills required for the job

  • In-depth understanding of building techniques, equipment, and Occupational Safety and Health regulations
  • Electrical and hydraulic systems are both important to understand.
  • Ability to understand blueprints, drawings, and plans
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills, as well as the ability to effectively communicate and report
  • Math aptitude and problem-solving skills
  • Physical fitness and endurance

Job Responsibilities

  • Tasks should be coordinated according to priorities and plans.
  • Produce timetables and keep track of crew attendance. Assign general and daily responsibilities.
  • In charge of supervising and training workers and tradesmen.
  • Ascertain that sufficient labor and resources are available.
  • Ensure that all safety precautions and quality requirements are followed. Oversee the operation of machinery and equipment.
  • Keep an eye on spending and make sure it stays under budget.
  • Resolve issues as they emerge and update management, engineers, and others on your progress.

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