Construction Estimator | JD Template

We’re seeking a skilled construction estimator who can analyze the potential costs and benefits of construction projects. You’ll gather and evaluate data based on a set of useful variables.

The ideal candidate will have a strong mathematical and analytical background. You must have exceptional attention to detail and communication abilities.

The purpose is to deliver reliable information to the organization that will aid in operations and strategic planning.

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Educational Qualifications

  • Proven experience as a construction estimator
  • A certification as a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) or another qualification will be advantageous.

Skills required for the job

  • Research technique, data analysis, and estimation metrics are all areas in which you should be well-versed.
  • Numbers and technology are second nature to you.
  • Excellent software knowledge, such as Timberline or HCSS HeavyBid
  • Excellent communication and bargaining skills 
  • Excellent attention to detail dependable and well-organized
  • Basic understanding of accounting and project management concepts 
  • Engineering, construction science, or a related area BSc/BA

Job Responsibilities

  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the project/needs. program’s
  • Choose metrics that will result in accurate estimates.
  • To obtain all relevant information, visit sites, warehouses, and other locations. 
  • Review documents or consult specialists.
  • Analyze data and make predictions
  • Perform a risk assessment
  • Prepare detailed reports or proposals to be sent to the proper parties.
  • By comparing offers and quotations, find the best deals.
  • Maintain relationships with important vendors (subcontractors, architects etc.)

Company Offerings

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