Camp Counselor | Job Description Template

We need a camp counselor to watch over the younger students and make sure they are having fun and learning.

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Educational Qualifications

  • CPR and First Aid certifications are desired. 
  • diploma from high school 
  • According to local legislation, you might need to pass a drug or background check.

Skills Required for the job

  • experience dealing with children in a position such as camp counselor or a similar one 
  • knowledge of camping and other outdoor activities 
  • tolerant and trustworthy 
  • Communication and planning abilities 
  • a fondness for kids 
  • pleasant and vivacious personality 
  • Possibility of fulfilling the job’s physical requirements (strength and stamina to follow strenuous activities like hiking, running, crouching or carrying children) 

Job Responsibilities

  • For groups of campers, organize sports or outdoor activities. 
  • Make weekly or daily timetables while taking the kids’ interests and age groupings into consideration. 
  • overseeing leisure and educational activities (such as swimming, caving or crafting)  
  • escort and watch over kids 
  • the use of games and explorations to teach campers 
  • Equipment setup and upkeep (like camping sets) 
  • Resolve sporadic disputes amongst kids and deal with behavioral problems 
  • Make sure that all safety precautions are taken Maintain a clean camping site, and make sure that no one leaves trash in natural areas or recreational areas. 
  • When necessary, administer first aid or take care of injuries. 
  • Maintain truthful incident logs.

Company Offerings

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