Adjunct Professor | Job Description Template

To teach students at our university, we are looking for an adjunct professor to join our faculty on a part-time basis.

The duties of an Adjunct Professor include reviewing and enhancing the syllabus to better serve the needs of the students. In accordance with the demands of the department, they also take on extra responsibilities and help the full-time teachers. 

In the end, you will collaborate closely with academic staff and students across the entire institution to make sure your department is successful.

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Educational Qualifications

  • Demonstrated professional experience as an adjunct professor or in a position similar 
  • It is preferable to have a Master’s or PhD in your academic subject.

Skills Required for the job

  • extraordinary interpersonal, observant, and communication skills 
  • tolerance, comprehension, and empathy 
  • good organizing and analytical capabilities 
  • A plus would be previously published papers or research pieces. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare students for examinations, give constructive performance evaluation, and organize consultation appointments. 
  • Provide additional assistance to those who need it. 
  • Respond to inquiries from students and offer comments on assignments or essay drafts 
  • aid other academics with class preparations and evaluations 
  • Provide pupils with further readings or suggestions as necessary.

Company Offerings

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