Did you know that according to one survey, more than half of hiring managers have caught job applicants lying on their resume? Crazy, right? This is the number one reason you should use an employment verification letter. Exaggerating skills or slightly altering dates is one thing, but a whopping 25 percent of managers in another survey discovered at least one candidate who fabricated their history by falsely claiming to have had a job title with a company that never employed them.

To put this into perspective, a survey of 2,500 hiring managers indicated that at least 625 job candidates attempted to pull off this type of fraud. If that number is higher than you’re comfortable with, and it should be, it’s time to think carefully about your hiring process.

1. You’ll get a more accurate employment timeline.

Job hunters have several techniques for closing gaps in their employment history, and most of them don’t require telling a lie. For instance, say an applicant was employed by company A from May 2014 to January 2015, and then obtained their current employment in September 2015.

Short job duration or a large gap between jobs could be a red flag. If a candidate uses the year format, the resume will indicate they were with company A from 2014 to 2015, and then joined company B in 2015.

This hides a fairly large employment gap, and it’s not a lie. To get better information on employment dates, ask for them in an employment verification letter.

2. You’ll have a more solid basis for hiring decisions.

Are you getting an employment verification letter for every job listed on each top candidate’s resume? It may seem like overkill to do this for a job they had several years ago.

However, if that job is part of what qualifies them for your open position, you should verify it.

Keep in mind that this does much more than simply confirm that they have the necessary skills. A History? letter of employment also proves the candidate’s ethics and trustworthiness.

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