Transform your attendance management system with a mobile app

attendance management system with a mobile app

We are living in a world where constant changes are taking place. As technology is evolving, a lot of companies are moving past old ways of tracking employee time and attendance and heading towards the new and efficient ways of attendance management.

One such way is the use of Attendance Management Software which is an online cloud-based solution for leave management that facilitates attendance tracking. It is available in the form of an attendance tracking database or a mobile time & attendance system in an HRMS app. Without this system, management of separate sheets for each employees’ information related to his clock in and clock out timings, leaves, benefits, etc. becomes very problematic.

These days with the increasing use and compatibility of smartphones, people are opting for a Mobile app-based Attendance Management System. Installing a mobile application enables business organizations to track their employee’s clock in and clock out timings from a smartphone on the go. Other than time tracking and leave management, Mobile based Attendance software simplifies many other tasks. Let’s have a look at how you can transform your attendance management with a mobile app:- 

Remote Attendance Tracking

There are numerous benefits of managing employee time and attendance and using leave management software through a mobile app. Amongst those benefits, the most prominent one is that field employees can punch in anywhere as they please as managers can track their location and continue to monitor their attendance from a distance through attendance tracking mobile app.

Several modern methods of tracking employee attendance like Biometric attendance, Bar code scanning, Facial recognition, Bluetooth sensor, GPS technology, etc. can be easily integrated into smartphones through a mobile time and attendance app. It helps in supervising attendance in real-time, eliminate payroll errors, and enhances employee satisfaction.

Advanced Reporting

Through the Mobile App, it becomes very convenient for HR personnel to have access to multiple leaves and attendance reports of employees and enables them to keep track of different employee shifts. Organizing reports becomes quite easy through which reporting according to shifts gets simplified and the exchange of information between concerned employees becomes quite efficient.

Mobile Attendance Management Application also facilities leave management by giving sufficient tools and managing leave applications to forecast the absence of employees. In addition to this, Leave Management Software also controls overtime labor costs, reduces compliance-related risks, and improves the productivity of the organization by either accepting or denying the employee leave requests automatically.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Employee self-service Portal on mobile time and attendance management application reduces a lot of workload from the shoulders of HR personnel. Through these portals, employees become capable of handling a variety of time, attendance, benefits, and online leave application-related issues that are otherwise handled by the HR department. 

Most mobile applications allow employees to update their personal information themselves like contact info, residential address, bank account details, etc. Some Employee Self- Service portals also allow employees to communicate directly with the HR department even after office hours. Through ESS login IDs and passwords, complete security of employees as well as the organization’s data is ensured.

Employee Directory

Employee Directory is one of the most unique features of the mobile attendance management application. Often employees would require their co-workers’ contact details but they don’t have access to it till the time they ask personally for it. Thus giving employees access to Employee Directory through mobile app along with search function and relevant parameters like mobile number, residential address, email ID, designation in organization, supervisor, etc. results in faster communication and more productivity. 

These are the ways by which you can transform your attendance management system with a mobile app.


No one can deny the fact that Cloud Attendance Management Software is the future of time and attendance management in a business organization. When this fabulous feature gets accessible in smartphones through mobile apps then it doubles the productivity of business firms. It automates the tedious task of maintaining the correct time and attendance records of every employee within no time reducing a lot of burdens carried by the HR department.

So don’t waste time and transform your attendance management system with a mobile app and track employee time and attendance with great ease.

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