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Compensatory Offs – Every Employee’s Earned Right!

Decoding the term ‘Compensatory off’, is a self-explanatory term. When an individual works overtime at an institution that constitutes work time exceeding the normal number of working hours per day, he/she is offered with compensatory offs in order to compensate for overtimes and overexertion on behalf of the employee. Also termed as the ‘compensatory leave’, […]

How Effective Employee Onboarding Impacts The Performance Of The Organization

Onboarding is often underestimated in the organizations. New employees who are usually nervous on their first day in the office and remain silent for almost a couple of months to understand the atmosphere of the organization, find it difficult to give their best since the first day. But, this is not the right way. It […]

Why Every Startup And SME Should Have An Employee Leave Management System Deployed

Upon fresh graduation out of college, Anderson’s spirits were filled with youthful enthusiasm. With aspirations that touched skies, he always delivered whenever his organization needed him. However, in a time of dire needs, when he could actually use some time for himself, his simple leave application was denied owing to judgemental flaws in (un)popular company […]