Payroll management software-features, payroll processing system and online payroll system

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Payroll Management refers to managing the details regarding the payment of the employees of an organization. Using payroll management software eases out the life of an HR personnel. It helps in accurate and hustle-free management of payroll data ensuring an efficient and productive working of an organization. The software is extremely helpful and beneficial for the employees; it reduces the burden, frees them from long and laborious manual paperwork, and allows them to focus on other issues.

Features of payroll management software:

  • Payroll Management: One of the key features of payroll management software is that it helps in managing the payment of the employees. It maintains a proper record of all the necessary information. This has two benefits, the first reduction in workload for the HR employees; thus allowing them to focus on other critical issues, and the other is it reduces the usage of resources thus reducing the requisite manpower. Also because the data is accumulated in one place it becomes easy to access it.
  • Leave Management: With Payroll Management, another major feature of the software is Leave Management. It allows the employees’ to submit leave applications and keep a check on their leaves, rather than stay in ambiguity about their leave balance. By providing precise information to the HR department, it allows them to balance and manage the leaves of the employees. As data is being regularly and in real-time getting updated, the chances of human error are brought down to zero, and it ensures that everyone involved in the cycle is aware of the latest statistics.
  • Expense Management: The software records the expenses, loans, deductions, and other finance-related details of the employees. It allows HR to keep a check and maintain proper records so that one can look at it whenever the need arises. Regular record updates ensure that the finance department or the management is aware of the flow of expenses and can better plan the budget for upcoming quarters. The dependency on various personnel is reduced, and processes are swift to move forward.
  • Safety: The software keeps the data secured, as it is prevented by the integration of various security measures and firewalls. It acts as a central point where all the important data is stored, maintained, checked, and monitored.
  • Attendance Management: The software also maintains proper records of attendance of the employees so that one can review them whenever required. It tracks absence, increments, leaves, and attritions, and coordinates it with wage calculation. Digitizing the process reduces the workload over the HR department to manually manage and calculate daily attendance.
  • Tax Management: The software also empowers the task of paying tax by maintaining and presenting proper records around it and delivery of regular payslips. With the help of the software, regular reminders help you to pay the tax before the deadline without any glitch.

Payroll management software also helps in payroll processing, which refers to the payroll process including all the necessary details about the employee before deciding upon the wage calculation. It constitutes to following steps:

  • Maintain working hours: Referring to the work hours invested by the employee towards the work of the organization.
  • Calculate Earnings and Deductions: Considering the leaves taken by the employee and the overtime done.
  • Payout Management: Empowering the payment process by paying the employee according to the chosen payment method and automating the payment calculation process.
  • Record Maintenance: Maintaining updated and real-time records of an employee under various departments and verticals.

Doing all this manually can take a lot of time and be very stressful for the employees. Payroll management software makes it easy, saves up a lot of time, and reduces the work stress on the employees. Overall it can be said that using Payroll software is profitable for the organization as it has several features that not only reduce the astronomical amount of workload but also allow employees to focus on other stuff. It helps in systematic payroll processing. It performs all the steps efficiently and eases out the life of the HR department.

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