Best HRMS Software In Delhi-That Fulfills All Your Requirements and helps with the efficient management?


ZIMYO is one of the best HRMS payroll software organization based out of the Delhi/NCR region. It is a very comprehensive Human Resource software that combines core essentialities of HR management into a single solution. It includes functions like time tracking, document arrangement, attendance management, leave management, and many other salient features that are needed by the HR, day in and day out. The software is very easy to use and makes work for the department more efficient. An effective tool for startups, small businesses, and medium enterprises, as it manages and encompasses all HR activities and processes.


  • Track Employees and their Performance: Zimyo software helps the HR department to monitor the performance of the employees by making regular reports on their work and behavior. It maintains a thorough report on their punctuality, their work progress, and contribution to the company and also keeps a check on how active they are on the work front. The features make it easy for the HR department to measure the performance metrics of employees and hence take calculated decisions. It saves a lot of time and allows individuals to focus on other projects.
  • Effective Leave Management: The software also manages and prepares a record of leaves taken by an employee. The software makes it easy for one to apply for leave and approve it. The employees are provided with a portal where they can fill in their details and keep a record of their leaves.
  • Craft the Perfect Work Schedule: The software helps in constructing a perfect work schedule and policies, which can be sent to all the employees. This saves a lot of time and resources. One can make quick adjustments according to their requirements and change timings. It is an effective way to set up a well-suited schedule.


  • Time tracking
  • Activity Logs
  • Leave Management
  • Organising Schedules
  • Announcement Management
  • Employees Performance Management
  • Maintain proper records
  • Attendance Management
  • Data Management

Zimyo HRMS software is one of the best HRMS tools in the market at this time. It also offers a free trial so that one can try it out and before buying it can make sure, if it fulfills all the requirements. As a tool, Zimyo has been built by a team that agglomerates a total experience of more than 25 years in the HR industry. Rest assured that even the minor roadblocks in an HR’s work process have been catered, or are in the development lifecycle.

Zimyo, as part of its plans, is on the way to be the one to disrupt the industry and leave their competitors behind. They have also created a Customer Satisfaction Algorithm, which contains the reviews from their consumers so that one can look through it and understand well if this software is what they want. Overall, it can be said that the software fills up all the criteria, which good software should contain.

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