Tips to Achieve High-Performance Employee Experience through HR Technology

With employees finally getting seen and heard- a shift in the recognition of giving them what they deserve has come to the forefront. Organizations knowing employees act as an asset has pulled their socks to enrich the employee experience. To bring a change for employees betterment- here’s how HR and HR technology is making it happen.

A workforce is incomplete without talented working professionals! And having the best ones will come with a price- giving them what they deserve, what they require and what they need. But, how to do make employee experience worthwhile comes as a challenge to many! 

Never Forget: Every problem comes with a solution- HR as the sole-in-charge has come a long way with viable tactics to better employee experience. This solution is none other than embedding HR technology in your organization. And with more offices working from home, the time is right to ensure the tech your organization uses is a notch higher.

Right from instilling digital components into the employee lifecycle, noting down interactions, and exploring new intelligent tech deployments- are few brownie factors to make for a better experience for employees.

PS: Getting employee experience right is the key to keep your workforce hooked to the company. The experience they receive is split between:

The physical- the environment they work in

The cultural- outlining attention on an organization’s values and social activities

The technological- how the technology they use and its impact on what they experience daily.

Why Employee Experience Matters? And How Digital Employee Experience is the Key?

Why employee experience matters

Employees are a priceless gem for an organization, as its principal resource utilized from time to time.

Every worker, no matter how big or small the organization is, contributes in one way or the other to the greater cause, bringing success to the company.

This is why it is important that employees are enthused 24×7, find the perfect alignment of self-goals with company targets, and are productive. A digital employee experience can work wonders, ensuring HR teams use the best in technology, enabling deeper engagement, consistent connectivity, and building a ‘human-to-human relationship.

Here are 6 ways to design a high-performance digital experience for employees:

High performance digital experience

Hire the people who see the world just like you do – and use technology to find unity in diversity

Both your clients and customers carry different shades of diverse backgrounds, making it essential for companies to hire individuals coming from multiple ethnicities, ways of thinking, and being. Getting all of them together will bring various tastes and temperaments, enriching products, perspectives, and services under one unit. However, it’s important to ensure that there is a right balance of core ideals – values, ethics, work cultures, and levels of energy.

Technology gaining momentum can be put to use to locate the most fitting candidates, who resonate with what have been outlined. For instance: It is important to use platforms to leverage predictive analytics to understand ‘culture stance’ of candidate interviewed at the recruitment time. This makes sure your employee lifecycle take off on the right foot, and the stage is set for optimal engagement, a critical element of any employee experience strategy.

Make geography work in your favour – this time and every time

The modern workforce is no more circumscribed to geographical boundaries. Today, most companies feel enthusiastic to get a variety of professionals on board. Employees who operate from remote areas, homes, or even coffee shops while being an active part of the company. There is nothing wrong in this open approach – as it is a part of the new employee experience strategy. Booming with the support of digitalization, this helps to spread the ambit wide, gathering the sharp minds, connected and supported by cutting-edge technology. 

Some of your best employees could be the ones you rarely meet- Brian Kreutz, Director of New Ventures at Forbes Publishing. “Thanks to modern work management software systems (which enabled me to stay aligned with my team), as well as experiential work companies such as Remote Year, I embraced a new version of my role while traveling the world. For a full year, I lived in a new country each month while remaining employed by my company and doing freelance consulting to boot. It was one of the best experiences of my life—one I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Let CX enlighten EX – making excellence an amazing part of monotony

It is highly important for companies to learn from their customer experience initiatives, the essentials of behavior mapping, sentiment analysis, UX models, data-focused performance management – and re-use the same to better employee engagement campaigns. This is an integral part of any employee experience strategy, reinforcing a company’s brand identity, both inside and out, fostering partnerships with external and internal stakeholders.

A much-needed makeover to onboarding

The first impression is always a means to create an impact, for thought and motivation, and unquestionably pivotal for any employee experience. To make it come true- create a high-quality, personalized, and informative onboarding program for your new employees, making the process easy-to-follow and hassle-free. Without any doubt, technology can be a helping hand, in regard to removing outdated legacy approaches and giving a much-needed transformation to onboarding, as part of your employee experience strategy.

“We all hate bureaucracy and filling out forms and nothing is more frustrating than when we have to continually input the same information over and over, because there is the right-hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.  We hate it when we’re dealing with a bank or credit card company or insurance company.   So imagine how that toxic that feeling can be – the sense that no one is listening or knows you – when it’s your first week on the new job,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO at Kryon in conversation with HR Technologist. Kryon uses robotic process automation to mitigate the drudgery of paperwork and red tape, streamlining employee experiences, even as they step into your organization.

Switch to an employee experience strategy that is fully tailored – as per requirement and need

It’s important to keep in mind that your employees – right from HQ top executives, new & junior recruits, factory workers, and interns – will need various, alternative engagement models time to time. Therefore, use technology to carve an employee experience strategy that is in-tune to location or division or level-based necessities, and is all-embracing and encompassing.

“I envision personalization to become more than just an afterthought. I see it becoming the new norm in the workplace. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to workplace productivity, and allowing employees to choose the software, processes, and devices that work for their unique needs is crucial in fostering a high-performing culture,” explains Sean Nolan, CEO at Blink, speaking on the need for a robust digital employee experience plan. Read more about his recommendations on building a personalized digital workplace, here.

Lend ears to what the data is saying – add nuance and texture to employee experience management

Data is omnipresent, flowing from several channels – from personal to professional – helping companies take the right decisions. It’s critical to collect all this data and refine plans, uploading insights, context, and individualization for a wholesome and skillfully calibrated engagement matrix. This will revamp a company’s seamless employee experience strategy, removing what’s awry, and rewarding what’s in place.

These are some of the best ways to refine one’s digital employee experience, setting actual value-creation and building long-term relations. This is well-equipped with a plan that is powered by technology involving experiential plans- giving a boost to performance and productivity.

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