Tailor-Made Templates For All Your HR Tasks!

While handling the entire employee lifecycle, the emails can be unending. It feels like you are going to email people throughout your life. Not anymore!

Check out our free library of ready-to-use email templates that cover everything from the offer to onboarding and beyond.

  • Affidavit of Residence from Landlord
  • Employee Appraisal Email
  • Employee Confirmation Email
  • Employee Job Suspension Email

  • Formal Resignation Email
  • Employee Termination Email
  • Grievance Email Against Employees
  • Grievance Email for Misbehaviour of a colleague
  • Increment Letter to Employee
  • Employee Promotion Email
  • Appointment Email for Advisor / Consultants
  • Employee Transfer Email
  • Offer Letter For Summer Training
  • Simple Warning Email
  • Employee Warning Email For Continued Absence
  • Work Experience Certificate Letter
  • Internship Request Acceptance Email
  • Interview Invitation Email
  • Interview Application On Hold
  • Moving the candidate to another round of interview
  • Rejection email after reaching a particular stage
  • Employee Welcome Email
  • Employee Withdrawal Email
  • Employee Blacklist Email
  • Offer Letter Email
  • Employee Appointment Email
  • Joinee Form
  • Employee Resignation Email
  • Employer Resignation Email
  • Resignation Email Acceptance Email
  • Resignation Rejection Email
  • Employee Resignation Withdrawal
  • Employer Resignation Withdrawal
  • Resignation Withdrawal Acceptance
  • Resignation Withdrawal Rejection
  • Employee Assets Return Email
  • Clearance Email (Department)
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Employer Exit Interview
  • Employee Birthday Email
  • Anniversary Email
  • Work Anniversary Email
  • Holiday Announcement Email
  • Holiday Email
  • Holiday Reminder
  • New Employee Announcement Email
  • Employee Onboarding Email
  • Employee Login Email
  • Undertaking Email

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