Making remote working more fun 

Don’t let remote working disrupt your employee engagement activities, keep your workforce engaged and motivated by hosting online fun activities.

  • Reaching people made easy
  • Harness the power of live chats
  • Integration with Google meet and Zoom 
  • Quiz Up 
  • Schedule virtual coffee and lunch breaks
  • Online learning and education 

Communicate with your employees, indulge in meaningful discussions, ask questions regarding their health and well-being by hosting virtual meetings. 

Acknowledge your employees’ achievements publicly, recognize each month’s star performer and motivate them by providing tangible rewards or incentives.

Conducting automated time-bound quizzes or Q/A sessions can help organizations strengthen engagement and productivity. 

Schedule informal check-ins with your employees to collect and give feedback on how they are coping with remote working, this will make them feel less isolated. 

Gifts are beautiful surprises for employees who work remotely. You can reward your champion employees with digital vouchers, badges, or gift coupons. 

This feature allows the team members to nominate one another on a good performance. This encourages peer-to-peer recognition and collaboration. 

Send customized E-cards to your employees as an act to thank them for working hard to help the organization achieve new milestones.  

Encourage colleagues to reach out and have a mug of tea or lunch together on video calls.

The system allows the HR leaders and employees (restricted) to host online fun activities, share activities in different groups, and encourages collaboration among different teams or departments. 

It will take time for the employees to adapt to new communication channels, procedures, and workflows, but what you can do now is to opt for a tool that can make remote working fun and engaging.

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