Expense Management Software

Automated Management of Organizational Expenditures

Financial Growth of Organizations Tracked and Managed

  • Travel Expenses
  • Daily Routine Expenses
  • Business Expenses
  • Petty cash expenses

These include management of the basic daily routine expenses incurred by any organization for employee and company benefits.

Accommodation expenses are an indispensable part of the debit section in the company’s balance sheet. These expenditures don’t require excel sheets anymore for logging in.

Through Payroll and Expense Management module HR Managers can monitor and track travel expenses incurred by the organization. 

Management of small to large expenditures that fall under the category of miscellaneous can be done by authorized persons through configurable workflows and policies.

Be it rolling out new banners, advertising or collaborating with other companies for business purposes, all expenses managed comprehensively.

HR Managers can manage  expenditure incurred in acquiring clients which include client lunches, on-site trips and others.

Every organization has expenses, hidden or transparent. To manage these expenses and make sure that the organization keeps progressing towards achieving financial stability, automated and dynamic workflows provide assistance to HR Managers.

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