Employee Self-Service

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Reduced administrative burden, enhanced accuracy, and improved efficiency- is no longer a dream. Zimyo employee self-service portal is making it all possible!

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Make Employees Feel Involved with our Employee self-service portal

What is so great about our ESS?

Get rid of redundant questions such as “What’s my leave balance?” “What documents should I submit?”, by allowing employees to own their workspace. 

Online Punching

Our ESS allows employees to mark their attendance on the go. They can clock in/clock out from their mobile phones or desktops. This frees HR managers from timekeeping registers as all the data is available online with just a click of a button.

View Payroll Information

Employees can view their CTC structure, salary details, and download payslips for any month right from their pockets using Zimyo mobile app. They can also view various statements such as reimbursements, total earning statements, and PF statements.

Leaves & Holidays

The employee self-service app allows employees to easily apply for leaves from mobile phones, desktops or any other device. They can also view their leave balance, who is on leave from their team or the organization, and even upcoming holidays.

Regularize Attendance

Employees are in love with this feature because it allows them to raise attendance regularize requests if they forget to clock in or clock out on any date. After approval, the attendance gets updated automatically. This helps in efficient payroll processing.

Optimize Your Administrative Process with our
Employee Self-Service Portal

Our employee self-service portal (ESS) allows not only employees but also managers to access their most important HR and Payroll information at anytime from anywhere!
Reduced paperwork

Get paperwork under control

Reduce paperwork by allowing employees to edit or update their personal information at anytime.

Easy accessibility of data in ESS

Easy access to data

The ESS provides managers with an easy access to payroll, time and attendance data. 

Employee Self-service portal means saved cost

Save money

Saves money by eliminating the need for printing or processing leaves, forms, or timesheets. 

Why should you opt for our Employee Self-Service Portal?


Shift Details on Mobile

The employee self-service portal allows employees to view their shift details from anywhere with our mobile application. The integrated shift calendar makes it easy for employees to get a detailed overview of their work shifts. 


Easy Access to HR Documents

The ESS portal allows the employees to easily access and download all HR policies such as leave policies, work policies, etc. Employees can also upload and update their personal documents without any intervention from the HR department.


Expense Management

Expense management has never been easy. With an ESS, employees can easily file expense reports on their own. HR professionals can review or approve expense reports to ensure accuracy and compliance.


Asset Request

Employees can easily raise a request for any assets they need with an employee self-service portal. A manager can approve, reject or hold an asset transfer request.

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Employee Self Service enables employees to access, edit, and update their personal information without senior leadership intervention. Furthermore, it reduces the administrative burden on HR professionals, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. 

Yes, we have Zimyo mobile application available for both android and iOS users. 

Yes, you can update your data, including mobile phone number, address, emergency contact, alternate email address, etc., simply by logging into your Zimyo Account. 

Adopting an ESS portal can help managers become more efficient. Besides saving time, it also helps in reducing a huge administrative burden. It can help organizations save labour hours and increase efficiency.  

Yes, ESS makes it very easy to access payslips, view different statements, and access other information regarding their tax, pension deductions, personal benefits and year-end tax information. 

Employees can access different types of employee information depending on the access provided to them by their employer. Generally, employees can access, edit, and update their personal information, including contact information, email address, residential address; they can access payroll information including previous pay stubs, tax withholding details, vacation time accrued, etc. They can also track their attendance or working hours, access company policies and procedures and many other things. 

The most significant advantage associated with ESS is that employees can access the system at any time and can view or update their information without any intervention from HR managers or employers. 

Startups have different needs and different ways of working. Therefore, they must consider a lot of things before opting for an HRMS. Here are some of the key features they must consider before investing in an HRMS: 

  • Team size– If you have more than 50 employees, it is suggested to opt for an HRMS.
  • Implementation time– The implementation process should not take more than a week.
  • User-friendly- The solutions you are looking for must offer a great user experience. 
  • Dedicated customer support– Know if the HRMS provider has a dedicated and skilled CS team. 
  • Budget-friendly- It is advisable to go for affordable HR solutions. 
  • Cloud-Based HRMS– There are many benefits of having a cloud-based HRMS. It helps you keep your sensitive employee data safe and secure and the data is easily accessible from anywhere at anytime. 

To date, Zimyo has helped hundreds of startups or SMEs to improve the human experience.