HR Helpdesk

Segregate, organize and address issues timely and effectively

Increase satisfaction among employees
Increase satisfaction among employees by giving a shot to our intuitive and innovative helpdesk platform
  • Raising tickets made easy
  • Track all requests in one place
  • Query/ Issue Resolution
  • Query Closure 
  • Ticket Deflection
  • Automated ticket assignment 
  • Automated new ticket notifications
  • Role-based Query Assignment
  • Canned Responses
  • Live Chats
  • Track the response time
  • Escalation matrix
  • Feedback Loop

Zimyo’s helpdesk system enables leaders to encourage employee self-service by automatically suggesting articles or answers aligned to ticket issues.

Manage all the issues or queries from employees in one ticketing system. Get an organized overview of your ticket status like the number of tickets raised and resolved in one day.

Get a notification (emails, messages, or alerts) when someone raises a ticket. The system also sends automated notifications to employees and agents about their tickets’ status. 

Make the ticket resolution process more efficient and improve responsiveness to employee’s needs by automatically assigning tickets to the right person or team based on workload, skills, experience, and keywords.

Ticket deflection
Canned Response

Zimyo’s helpdesk allows you to address employee issues in no time by providing quick, consistent responses to frequently asked questions by creating pre-formatted or predetermined responses. 

Define multiple levels for a single query that enables timely resolution of a query. If an assigned agent fails to respond or resolve the query, it gets auto escalated to the next level within the defined resolution time. 

The helpdesk enables you to resolve tickets with more accuracy, as the tickets will be automatically assigned to the right person. This ensures that there is very little or no scope of human error. 

Automatically suggest relevant answers or responses to common queries to both helpdesk agents and end-users, thus ensuring quick ticket closure. 

The system sends automated notifications to the agents whenever a new ticket is raised and if there is a delay in the query resolution, thus making sure no ticket is missed.

Common employee queries can be organized into FAQs which then can be resolved by building a knowledge base using page templates.

When you have automated answers to the most commonly asked questions, then you don’t have to personally handle each and every query. This allows you to give more time and energy to critical business functions. 

This is without any doubt, the most important feature of a helpdesk. It allows the agents to resolve issues faster with the help of automated answers, in-house experts, and the use of an escalation matrix. 

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Improve employee satisfaction by offering your employees a single window for query resolution. Our fully-automated helpdesk will help keep the resolution process more transparent and quick. Thus, helping organizations build an engaged and satisfied workforce.

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