Employee Directory Software

Employee information is the currency for an HR 

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Store, manage, and access employee information into a single secure place without any hassles:
  • Comprehensive employee data management 
  • Employee Profiles
  • Access to Organizational chart
  • Advanced search and tagging employee profiles
  • Celebrate milestones
  • Improved onboarding

Bid adieu to excel spreadsheets to maintain basic employee information, keep all employee data close at hand in a secure centralized place. 

Employees can build their own social profiles where they can introduce themselves creatively by drafting their bio, interests, position in the company, and much more. 

Employee timeline enables managers and employees to have an overview of their entire journey in the organization. From onboarding to offboarding, the system will have every piece of information about the employee’s journey. 

Fully understand the demographic characteristics of your employees by deeply analyzing the data on age, location, gender, department, and ethnic groups.

It allows a real-time overview of the organizational hierarchy which helps new employees understand where they fit and collaborate.

This user-friendly functionality makes it easy for everyone in the organization to search for people with specific skills and expertise. 

A centralized employee directory will help the admins to easily find the information they are looking for and get a new employee on board quickly.

The employee directory promotes a collaborative work culture by strengthening intra-organizational relationships.

This feature allows admins or users to do an advanced search by name, location, department, job title, and email address. 

Edit multiple employee records at the same time. You can bulk edit groups (department, location, etc.), manager, position, review process, and much other information. 

Get rid of a paper directory or countless numbers on your phone as the employee directory allows you to have easy access to photos, a biography, job title, location, expertise, and much more information. 

Reduce the risk of awkward encounters when you can’t put a name to the face. All a new hire has to do is check the directory and find out which employee handles what. 

The employee directory enables you to find someone’s contact number, email address, and slack handle, and more when you are away from your desk.

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