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Ecosystem Partners

Banking & BFSI Partners

Diners Club

Users can pay with HDFC Diners Club Credit Card



Users gets exciting discounts on making the payment.

Accelerators and Incubators


Upekkha startups get exciting discounts on various modules.

Jio GenNext

Jio GenNext​ startups get exciting discounts on various modules.


Better Capital

Get exciting offers on various modules.

Sequoia Surge

Sequoia Surge

Sequoia Surge startups get exciting discounts on various modules.


GSF Startup

Known as one of India's leading seed-stage tech investors. They provide startups in India, the first cheque that gives them a concrete path to start their journeys.
GSF India’s goal is to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship through angel and seed investments. The bigger picture is to encourage mentorship capital to the start-ups


Agility Ventures

Agility Ventures is yet another leading angel network and a venture fund organization, investing in startups that have high potential across the tech, service, and manufacturing industries. The emphasis of this venture is on startups and technology that are empowering transformation in the supply chain


Malpani Ventures

Malpani ventures are the angel investors that supply seed funding to innovative and high potential startups. Along the way they provide active mentoring and strategic guidance. Their aim is to connect and build great companies across different industries such as Saas, consumer tech, healthcare, ed tech, etc.



With evolving times, investment strategies are evolving too and crowd funding is one such way. Onecrowd is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors with early stage ventures and Indian start-ups that have high potential. With an array of capital solutions and co-investment commitments as their way of moving forward, they’ve made a name for themselves in the markets.


One valley

OneValley is an international entrepreneurship solution that helps entrepreneurs, elevates startups, and enables organizations everywhere to foster innovative communities. Powered by online Passport, that interlinks entrepreneurs with vital business tools and a global network of investors and founders.

Learning Management System


Zimyo’s integration with CXcherry (Knowzies) is one of the most popular integrations. This enables organizations to provide training and fulfill the educational needs of the employees.

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