Dynamic Hiring Workflows

Redefine your Hiring Process

Configurable hiring workflows for minimizing the time taken and increasing efficiency

  • Customized Hiring Process
  • Design Various Hiring Teams
  • Activity Mapping
  • Customize Multilevel Interview Panel

Personalize your own process of hiring by deciding the method of candidate interview and the different levels that it involves. Which employee is authorized to play what role in hiring for a job can be decided and changed by you as and when needed.

Different hirings require varying hiring teams, you can define these teams uniquely. HR Managers can authorize different employees with different tasks of hiring a candidate for a particular job opening.

Once you decide the hiring process and teams for a particular job opening you can easily map which activity takes place at which stage of the hiring process. You can also regulate who all can access these activities and the workflow.

Our partners can integrate third-party consultancies for the purpose of hiring and make them a part of the dynamic workflows. 

Remote work is the new normal and the major barrier in this module of working is communication. With Zimyo you can automate calls and email scheduling so you don’t fail to remember prior engagements and align candidate interviews alongside.

One employee of the company can play two roles at a time in the hiring process. They can be interviewer for one job opening while examiner for other. This designation can be decided and customized by you at any time.

With the help of Access Control Level (ACL), hiring managers can define the menu and sub-menu. Changes in these can be made by authorized people dynamically.

As aforementioned, different people can be authorized to perform different functions and these roles can be changed at any time. The HR Managers can also track the status of work done by these people.

Zimyo’s dynamic workflow helps improve business efficiency and boosts its performance and productivity. This end-to-end platform helps organizations reduce employee attrition and increases retention. It is also a big relief for HR professionals where they can be free from loads of paperwork.

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