Discussion Room

Helping you facilitate progressive discussions

Communicate your ideas better with the help of our revolutionary online meeting platform

  • Safe and secure meeting sessions
  • Conference room scheduling
  • Calendar integration
  • Extend and end meetings
  • Floor plan maps
  • Check-in 
  • Workplace Analytics


Our online discussions platform helps maintain confidentiality and keeps the discussions private and secure, as all transmissions take place through SSL/256-bit AES encryption protocols. 

Workplace analytics help organizations discover patterns such as the room utilization rate, the number of meetings held in a particular week or month, the average meeting length, the average number of attendees, etc. 

 Floor-plan maps are digital sketches that give you an overview of the entire workplace. It allows you to easily find and book meeting rooms and helps visitors or clients to navigate. 

 Our online discussion platform can be easily integrated with all major online calendars which allow you to schedule meetings on your work or personal calendar thus mitigating the risk of double-booking. 

Ensure your guests don’t miss any meetings. The system sends automated email notifications or confirmations to the guests to remind them of their bookings.

Our online discussion platform offers organizations detailed insights about the usage of meeting rooms with intuitive and real-time dashboards. 

With digital screens, you can know about the available rooms to prevent interruptions in ongoing meetings. 


The system allows you to know about the length of ongoing and upcoming meetings in each room, which in turn will increase room utilization. 

The display screens will allow you to both extend a meeting or end a meeting earlier. 

The room cancellation feature automatically cancels the meetings if no one shows up in the room at the scheduled time, thus allowing others to book the room.  

The system allows organizations to send automated email reminders with joining links and other relevant details before a meeting or webinar.

It allows you to take control of other participant’s screen or let other participants take control of your screen remotely. 


The feature-packed discussion room makes for a simple, enjoyable meeting or webinar experience. You can avoid unnecessary frustration simply by opting for our online discussion platform. The system enables organizations to make the maximum use of the existing office spaces and simplify the scheduling process. 


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