Customizable Workflows

Empowering Organizations to be Unique

Because every process

Because Every Process is Different

  • Single and Multi-level Comp-off Approvals
  • Custom Workflows for Varied Approvals
  • Single and Multi-level Request Approvals
  • Personalized Reminders

With the dynamic workflows single and multi-level comp off requests can be raised and approved by the respective authorized people. 

Employees can raise requests for leave to be approved by their respective reporting managers. The approval processes can be single or multi-level depending on the requirement.

An automated reminder is sent to the authority directly through the system as soon as an asset’s warranty expires or the asset itself expires.

While every recruitment is different every approval is also different. To deal with this we provide you the facility to design different workflows for different types of approvals.

Single and multi-level

To maintain transparency and better communication before approving requests, you can have virtual chat with individual employees. 

Through our unified HCM request raisers and approvers get reminders on Slack, Email, SMS, Signal and WhatsApp. 

Furthermore customization in the workflows is that add if/then branches in your dynamic workflows for seamless management.

To improve and analyze organization’s process you can track the average completion time of your workflows and find areas of improvement.

Materialize unity in diversity and perform automated processes b building a separate stream for each process. 

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