Customizable HR Workflows

Work Smart, Make Progress

Achieve technical independence via our smartly built workflow automation tool:
  • Choose your workflow actions
  • Customized workflows
  • Delay workflow actions
  • Create Multi-level request approval workflows
  • Automate event-based triggers
  • Use if and else branches in workflows
  • Automate redundant tasks
  • Automated follow-ups on incomplete tasks 
  • Offers an overview of the workflow along with performance metrics
  • Assign tasks

Create tailored workflows that boost your organization’s efficiency and accuracy in performing everyday tasks. 

Easily set automated triggers for events like case creation, case updation, and case deletion.

Save time, energy, and hassle in creating workflows by adding multiple conditions to a single if/else step. 

Say bye to assumptions and gain real-time visibility into onboarding, task management, and other critical HR processes with the help of these workflows. 

Workflow automation allows you to extract valuable insights and actionable data from your workflows, thus helping you to eliminate the bottlenecks. 

You can use delays to schedule workflow actions. You can delay enrolled records for a specific amount of days, hours, and minutes or until they complete an event. 

This feature allows multiple people or departments to review a single request, set of data, or piece of content.

Stop wasting your precious time on manual and repetitive tasks. Automate everyday repetitive tasks, customize the no-code automation rules, and let your people focus on strategic actions. 

Automated follow-ups (emails, SMS, notifications) to remind employees of their incomplete tasks.

Easily generate and assign different tasks to different teams or departments for effective delegation and track the status of the respective tasks.

When you have automated tools for carrying out mundane HR tasks, people leaders can focus more on areas that help organizations improve overall productivity and efficiency. 

Integrate our workflow automation tool with your existing tools from spreadsheets to other employee management systems, and ensure the error-free flow of information.

Automated workflows boost productivity in the organization. Our existing client base has seen an increase in their employee productivity by 12% to 15% by automating workflows for repetitive and manual tasks.

If you really want to build an efficient workforce, then you should think of investing in workflow automation tools. Achieve higher goals in relatively less time, focus more on critical business operations, and boost the growth rate with the help of Zimyo’s workflow automation tool.

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