How to remodel performance management to define talent in your organization

Wednesday | 25th August

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Sneha Arora

VP HR, Myntra


Ajay Kadyan

Co-Founder, Zimyo

Krishna Raghavan

Krishna Raghavan

Chief People Officer, Flipkart

Discussion Points:

1) Over the last year and a half, there has been a reassessment of most HR practices, and performance management has changed too. What are some of the top trends that will define performance management? 

2) As we enter new models of work including the hybrid world of work, how do you see succession planning processes are being remodelled?

3) What are some of the top challenge/ opportunity areas – across talent, technology and transformation?

4) What are the critical principles in the 9-box matrix framework that are going to be critical to the succession planning process?

5) What is the role of technology in enabling and easing succession planning and performance management in a mostly remote world of work?

6) How should stakeholders in the process of driving performance management – including managers and peers – change their approach in a hybrid environment?

7) How can you make the process personalized even when operating remotely?