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See how automation of HR tasks with Zimyo HRMS simplifies numerous processes for THB!

About the Company:

Incepted in 2015, Technology | Healthcare | Big Data Analytics (THB) is India’s leading clinical intelligence company. THB leverages real-world evidence to empower the healthcare ecosystem with futuristic clinical and business modules to improve patient outcomes. THB is aimed at transforming the healthcare industry from gut-based to data and evidence-based treatment and decisions

Challenges for THB

Creating an engaged workforce and developing employees continues to be a classic challenge for most HR professionals in leading health tech companies. Little to no career development opportunities, declining employee engagement, and discontinuous performance feedback are the major reasons why employees quit their jobs. When employees quit an organization, a lot of resources have to be spent recruiting and training new hires. Besides facing recruiting challenges, managing administrative tasks manually can be tiring and time-consuming for HR managers. Before opting for Zimyo the company faced the following challenges:

The company’s HR team understands that the only way THB can stay ahead of the competition is by focusing on developing their employees, and align individual as well as team goals to business goals. THB was looking for an HRMS with credibility, track record, and ability to solve all these challenges. After months of searching for the right solution to be able to achieve this, the company’s leadership turned to Zimyo for their performance management and payroll solution.

Solutions offered by Zimyo

Using HR software to manage your HR tasks could play a huge role in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your organization. It streamlines manual HR tasks and allows managers to make informed decisions.

Zimyo provides a one-platform solution for all HR needs.

Goal setting and performance reviews (PMS) : It allowed the organization to set SMART goals (KPI/KRA/OKRs), track performance, and exchange continuous feedback.

Applicant tracking automation (ATS) : It allowed the organization to source, screen, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, send offer letters, and improve hiring efficiency.

Attendance tracking and leave management (HRMS) : The time and attendance management system allowed the organization to keep track of employees’ time, manage shifts and timesheets. It also helps employees to mark their attendance from their smartphones.

Simplified payroll process (Payroll) : The HR leaders can now process the entire payroll in just 3 simple clicks with 100% accuracy. They can also manage employee expenses and reimbursements with an integrated expense management system.

Customized and comprehensive reports : Multiple reports can be generated that allow you to get detailed insights into your workforce. It contributes to more effective decision-making.

Automation of HR tasks simplifies numerous processes thus impacting the business positively.

Advantages to the organization:

Client Testimonial:

We have been using Zimyo for the past 1 year at our Organization and I can say that it is one of the best HRMS out there and its user friendly unlike other software available in the market.

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