How IFC encouraged tranparency with Zimyo and secured a centralized platform? 🤔


With a team of experienced doctors, it has been delivering value to its clients by offering the best fertility treatment. A company with such a vision needs to keep its employees motivated and engaged to deliver the best fertility treatments.

However, carrying out all the essential business activities and keeping track of the employees all together was extremely exhausting for the company leaders. 

  • IFC faced regulatory compliance issues and extensive paperwork.
  • Employee management was challenging, with poor payroll management and difficulty managing employee information.
  • Data security and alignment were concerns, and recruiting and onboarding were difficult.
zimyo case study ifc
Core HR


  • Zimyo payroll management software enabled IFC to process payroll quickly and easily.
  • Zimyo HRMS features helped automate employee management tasks such as time and attendance, leave management, asset management, expense management, and policy management.
  • Zimyo HRMS reporting feature enabled IFC to generate customized and comprehensive reports, helping to improve decision-making and compliance efforts.

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