Configurable Policies

Customize your Organizational Policies

Enabling HR leaders

Enabling HR Leaders Empower their Human Capital

  • Configure Leave, Work from Home, Comp Off Policies
  • Fixed and Flexible Shifts Configuration
  • Customize Shift Policy as per Timezone¬†
  • Different Policy for Probation Employees

As Zimyo supports different time zones it enables HR Managers to customize their organizational shift policies as per the timezone applicable there.

Authorized people can customize and create separate policies regarding leaves, work from home and others for new joiners or employees on probation. 

HR Managers can configure policies as per organizational norms for flexible or inflexible shift hours in the company.

When an employee works overtime and contributes in the company growth, this dedication can be appreciated by organizations through configured policies.

Customize shift policy
Configurable comp

Compensatory offs are a part of employee rights and must be delivered fairly. For these HR can make custom policies and provide employee benefits as they empower organizations.

The recent trends suggested that in the coming years majority companies will be hiring remote working employees on work from home basis. To manage these employees authorities can configure work from home policies for the organization.

Every organization has varied structure of working and have different types of leaves for which the workforce is eligible. HR Managers can configure these leaves according to organizational needs.

There are certain regional and state holidays that do not apply nationwide. Organizations can make flexible policies for such holidays and keep a control over which employee is eligible for what.

The Configurable Policies feature helps organizations make custome and agile policies for nimble execution and as per changes in structures.

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