Community Guidelines

Zimyo Community welcomes you; we’re glad to have you! We are a purpose-driven community where people can explore, create, connect, and engage. Our guidelines for interaction with our content and community members will help make this community enjoyable for everyone-

  1. Be responsible. Respect others’ opinions; respectfully disagree when your opinions differ.
  2. Be helpful. Use your voice to make a positive contribution.
  3. Be thoughtful. You should be careful not to make statements that could cause others to make incorrect assumptions about Zimyo, regardless of your intent.
  4. Be Inclusive: We are building a community where everyone feels welcome regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, class, or beliefs.

It is our policy to have zero tolerance for any behaviour that is aggressive, abusive, or inappropriate. In the event that someone engages in behaviour outside of these guidelines, our team will take action. The action can be a warning, account suspension, or account deactivation, depending on the nature of the offense. If you see any kind of violation or wrong approach or behaviour please report to us at

These guidelines apply to all users of the Zimyo community platform.

Thanking you,