Candidate Management Software

Amplifying Simplicity in Engaging Human Capital

Manage Applicants with Enhanced Accessibility

  • Automated Resume Parsing
  • Filter your Candidate Search
  • Steer Clear of Unwanted Applications
  • Import Bulk Candidate

Disrupt the manual methods of completing your daily tasks and get candidate resumes parsed automatically. Smart work is a cut above hard work, and with Zimyo you get accessibility to finer ways of working.

HR Managers can blacklist candidates whose authenticity does not match their requirements. This disables those candidates from applying for any future job opening at your organization. In this way, you can eliminate the risk and wastage of time in interviewing unwanted applicants.

When we say Zimyo facilitates simplicity we refer to managing all your manual tasks technically and seamlessly. You can apply filters pertaining to the department, skills, qualifications, and much more to search candidates from your requisition list.

With the intent of enhancing convenience for you, the transfer of candidates from one step to another on the completion of each activity has been automated. As soon as feedback regarding one step is fed in the assigned fields, the candidate is automatically transferred to the next step.

Ditch the traditional methods of filling the details in excel sheets to store candidate data. Through the Candidate Management module, you can import bulk candidate details in excel sheets and secure the data safely.

Review candidates with ratings after every step of the recruitment process. Along with feedbacks, authorized people can also give customized ratings to interviewed candidates at each level. This helps create a bulk report of feedbacks on applicants.

An applicant whose skill impresses you and might be of use to the organization in near future can be tagged by you. Once you tag the referred skills of these applicants you can search for them easily when there is a need.

Ignorance is no more bliss, so be informed of your recruitment status with the assistance of a recruitment tracker. Have the know-how of which candidate is at what stage of the recruitment and what actions have been taken in the recruitment pipeline.

Communication is a significant tool of acceleration in the hiring process and bringing in transparency. HR Managers can create or select custom templates for emails and SMS to communicate feedback with applicants at any or all stages of hiring.

Consistent tracking and management can be daunting at times, but not with Zimyo’s Candidate Management solution. For the entire Recruitment and Onboarding process, the portal is methodically designed to amplify convenience.

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