Business Commute Monitoring

Automate Logs When Travelling for Work

On site trips

On-Site Trip Logs Managed

  • Manage Employee Trip History
  • Analyze Resource Usage
  • Tracking with Google Maps Integration
  • Monitor Reimbursements for Trips

When employees are on-site with work or client meetings you can manage their logs on the trip history updated by them. This increases transparency and enhances management.

HR Managers can track employee trip history from the starting to destination point. This is done with the integration of Google Maps with our unified HCM.

With the user friendly dashboard of the mobile app it becomes easier for managing employee trips and increases efficiency.

Manage employee trip

With graphical representation of resource usage, analyzing company’s expenditure on trips and authenticity of reimbursements raised can be verified.

With the trip history integrated with employee logs and payroll, HR Managers can monitor reimbursements for employees automatically.

HR Managers can configure employee trips with changing company policies. As and when the changes are introduced the trips can be configured seamlessly.

Zimyo’s mobile app helps employee log in and out while on trips from the starting point to destination. The Google Maps integration helps keep a track on these trips.

When the tracking of trips taken by employees is transparent and can be reviewed at any time it becomes easier for HR Managers to reimburse and pay employees as per trip distance.

With the graphical representation for analyzing resource usage authorities can also track the organizations spending on trips on a monthly basis.

Automate employee logs when travelling for work with Zimyo’s integration with Google Maps and tracking. Improve your organizational process and manage, monitor and regulate expenditures with graphical representations.

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