Collect, Assign, Track, and Manage your assets

Spot trends, analyse data, build asset life cycles, and monitor all assets effortlessly with our automated asset management system.
  • Assets Tracking
  • Assets Dashboard
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Customizable Approval Workflows
  • Categorize Assets based on various criteria
  • Manage Employee Assets Request
  • Assign Assets Effectively
  • Easily Discard Assets

Easily track all company assets and manage information such as asset value and condition without any hassles. 

There are times when you can have complaints about lost or stolen assets. Say goodbye to these complaints, as continuous tracking of assets minimizes the risk of assets theft or mislaying. 

We are not exaggerating the percentage; it’s actually what our clients have experienced. Having all your assets organized help organizations achieve massive  ROI.

The system can help employees easily apply requests for assets they need. On approval, assets can be assigned to them based on availability. From multi-level approvals to compliance checks, the system makes it easy to manage the requested assets’ entire provisioning process. 

Real time asset tracking
Asset Dashboard

Get an overview of critical assets data with a click of a button with our comprehensive assets dashboard. You can easily visualize the breakdown of assets based on their type, location, status, etc. 

You can easily set custom approvals on asset uploads before it is assigned to an employee. This ensures that no asset gets assigned to anyone before it has the necessary permissions or approvals from the concerned authorities.

No matter if you are a startup or a multinational organization, our asset management system keeps track of all asset data and update history of each asset. 

Our assets management system gives employees the freedom to request assets online or using the mobile app at any time from anywhere. 

Automated detailed reports that help organizations understand crucial information regarding all of their assets. This information can help them operate efficiently, reduce overall expenditures, and improve productivity levels within the organization. 

Centrally store and manage information about asset warranties and expiration dates. Keep a tab on asset condition, value, and replacement cost to develop long term maintenance plans.

The system sends automated reminders or alerts to the concerned authorities if an asset has achieved its expiration date or an asset’s warranty has been expired. 

Automatically generate unique asset codes for each asset. The assets management system allows you to use Barcodes or QR codes to scan information. 

Automated Report
Track Your Asset Movements

An assets management system makes it easy to assign or issue assets to users, departments, or locations. Easily change asset status like Active, Inactive, in use, in stock or any custom status while moving assets to various locations. 

Easily put assets under various categories based on their location, status (in use, out for repair or in stock), condition (new, repair needed, damaged), and any other custom classification criteria. 

With an assets management system, you can get rid of assets that are no longer in use and mark them as sold, lost, retired or any other custom status.

Tracking over a million assets, we have a highly powerful asset management system that can help you streamline all your operations by storing all the asset information in one centralized dashboard. 

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