Automate your hiring process with the unrivaled ATS solution!

The advanced decision-making engine to automate your entire recruitment process. Zimyo applicant tracking software augments your organization’s productivity and makes the hiring experience swift, smooth, and sheer.

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Making recruitment a hassle-free endeavor for hundreds of SMEs

Features that will set you apart

Veer your hiring process back on track. Zimyo smart tracking tools will assist you in sourcing the unicorn hires for your organization. Assess a candidate’s true potential, engage with them, get reports and insights, schedule interviews, and much more.

Integrated with reputed sites such as, monster, indeed, etc., to save you from visiting each job board individually. Our ATS is a single-handed solution for distributed hiring, screening, maintaining, and sustaining consistency.

AI-driven solutions to extract information from even the most complex resumes.

Screen applicants and go beyond the traditional approach. Zimyo ATS amalgamates a variety of candidate management functions in a single click. Extinguish manual processes with data-backed decisions.

Simplify the interview process from the scratch – setup to feedback. Equip the job seekers with an all-under-one-roof application process.

Improve your applicants’ experience with robust communication with the unification of vital features for evaluation and assessment.

The software is loaded with extensive templates to assist you in eradicating the usual complexities of new hires. Make the first day of new employees memorable. Develop employee profiles, upload information, and digitally introduce the new hire to foster meaningful connection and engagement.

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Hiring in Half-the-Timing with Zimyo ATS.

Recruit, Engage and Retain your unicorn hires.

Zimyo ATS optimizes your entire recruitment process, from job postings to employee onboarding. We offer diverse amounts of templates, an engagement platform, and cloud data management to foster top-of-the-line employee experiences. Our integration with top-notch job boards offers a quality solution for distributed hiring.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Recruiters

An Applicant Tracking Software manages and organizes all hiring processes of an entity from job postings to onboarding. The term identifies itself as a candidate tracker. All candidates’ information is managed, down till the recruitment.
Whether the agenda is to schedule interviews, ship email replies, overlook onboarding, or give the candidates’ overview through their applications.

Recruiters often have a restrained time limit and an additional cognitive capability to overview all resumes that they receive.
That is particularly the case in large entities where the application pool is humongous or mass-hiring has to be brought into action effectively. ATS administers the CV pool and helps recruiters in being prepared – all at one platform.
Solutions such as these save the quality time of managers and increase productivity.

ATS stores all applications and candidate data in an extensive cloud database accessible to recruiters. Hiring managers can browse through applications, get an overview of candidates, and shortlist resumes accordingly.

To give an ultimate user experience with minimal effort and reduced costs Zimyo is integrated with quality job board sites such as –, Google Jobs, LinkedIn, Dr.Jobs, etc., and is in the process of amalgamating with many others.

The ATS has a few general criteria when it comes to fetching the resumes of candidates. There are even ATS-friendly templates available nowadays but to give a basic gist;

  • The resume should be in pdf or docx format
  • It should have a simple layout
  • It should contain a simple standard font
  • Candidates should use bullet or points to highlight the achievements
  • All sections should be labelled correctly

Onboarding is the process where new hires are integrated into an organization. Every entity has a different kind of onboarding process in accordance with its norms. In general, it consists of activities that enable the new hires to complete an initial orientation process, as well as know more about the organization and its structure, values, vision, mission, and culture.

The traditional methods are bidding farewell gradually. Onboarding too is being followed by software for a unique employee experience. Onboarding solutions helps with swift and smooth processes along with storing documentation.
Make the first day of your new-hires welcoming. Initiate follow-ups with the employees. Have a meet and greet with the organization. Provide relevant answers to all the queries a new hire faces.