360-Degree Feedback Software

Remove Biasness, Promote Fairness

Exchange feedback across the organization, build a collaborative workforce, and make every opinion count with our 360-degree feedback software.

360-degree feedback software

Useful & Impactful Feedback Process for Improved Performance

What is so great about our 360-Degree Feedback Tool?

Improve team dynamics, strengthen relationships with peers, and turn criticism into valuable feedback with our robust 360-Degree Feedback tool. 

Automated Evaluation

Automated feedback process that allows you to notify participants and raters, create feedback forms, and deliver reports via email without any hassle.

Customizable Workflows

Highly customizable workflows that allow you to customize the feedback questionnaire and schedule the end or start date- no extra cost, no extra effort needed.

Feedback Reporting

HR leaders can easily generate feedback reports and automatically send them to the concerned department or person via email.

Edit Anytime

You can edit your survey questionnaire and add new participants at any point in time with the help of our 360-degree feedback software.

Survey Reviews

Easy to understand dashboards that help you keep track of the progress of participants and raters to ensure timely completion of the process.

Customized Email Templates

Customize the content of the email messages that are sent to reviewers and participants as part of the feedback process.

Make every voice in the organization count with our 360-degree feedback software

Promote self-awareness among employees and offer personal development opportunities. 

Training Needs

Identify Training Needs

Identify skill gaps, blind spots, knowledge gaps, and work on bridging performance gaps.

Rewards-360-degree feedback

Spot A-Players

Identify future leaders in the team by taking feedback from peers who work closely with them. 

Appraisal process

Sound Appraisal Decisions

Promote the right talent by gaining a holistic perspective on employee performance

Why should you opt for our 360-Degree Feedback Software?


Ad-hoc Reminders

Send automated reminders to the reviewers who have not finished the feedback survey a few days before the feedback deadline, this ensures timely completion of the feedback.


Insightful Reports

Insightful and easy-to-understand reports that help you identify gaps in performance across self, managers, peers, and other stakeholders. This information will help you know how well your organization is performing.


Record Of Timely Feedback

Our feedback software allows you to view how frequently you are sharing your feedback with your employees. This gives you an idea of how you can improve your feedback process. 


Anonymous Feedback

Our robust 360-degree feedback software allows you to anonymously share your feedback with the employees. It also allows employees to share their views anonymously. This makes the feedback process honest and fair.  

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